UCLH Proton Beam Centre, Warren Street

• UCLH constructing the world’s advanced form of radiotherapy; Proton Beam Therapy (PBT). • Acting as Party Wall Surveyor for UCLH and securing dozens of awards for demolition, piling, diaphragm walls, underpinning, bulk excavation and superstructure. • Negotiating hoarding, Scaffold and Crane oversail licences. • Advising on Neighbourly matters outside of party wall legislation.

Morley House, Regent Street

• Multi million pound Crown Estate development in central London. • Demolition behind retained facades, underpinning and full rebuild for commercial and residential properties. • Negotiation and agreement of 9 party wall awards. • Monthly project team meetings and advice on scaffold and crane oversail. • Liaison with main contractor, agreement on temporary works and […]

St James’ Street SW1

• Large West End full demotion and rebuild behind retained facades. • Crown property. • 17 Adjoining owners. • Extensive temporary works and enabling works for demolition. • Sensitive Adjoining Owners, clubs, offices, bank and hotel accommodation.

Egerton Place, London SW3

• Refurbishment and extension works Kensington for private owner. • Large scale refurbishment, amalgamation of two properties, structural alterations and double basement excavation. • Agreement of 8 adjoining owner awards, including special foundations discussions with design engineers and agreement on security sums. • Third surveyor referral made.

West Drayton Housing Development

• Major house builder development scheme. • Advice provided prior demolition works on Adjoining Owners. • Party Wall awards agreed with numerous residential, commercial and industrial owners for deep piling and basement level carpark, with pre-excavation awards agreed for demolition works. • Access licence prepared and agreed for scaffold oversail.

New End, Hampstead

• Private Developer. • Demolition of large Halls of Residence in Central Hampstead. • Excavation for deep piled basement with new residential property over. • Awards with schedules of condition of historic buildings. • Movement monitoring.

Elgin Crescent W11

• Private client refurbishment and piled and underpinned basement. • Agreement on reciprocal basement schemes with Adjoining Owner, shared piling costs and future enclosing. • Dealing with special foundations consent. • Agreeing temporary works and monitoring regime.

Lyall Mews SW1

• Private client. • Movement monitoring. • Security for expenses agreed. • Enclosing sums agreed for mansard and basement constructions. • Existing underpinning encroachment assessed and costed. • 19 Party Wall Awards.

Wigton Place, London SE11

• Development of old industrial site to create new residential units. • Basement excavation, underpinning, boundary treatments. • Various Party Wall Act notices served and Awards agreed. • Special foundations consent and security for expenses.